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Brotherlocks Interview


Client’s at Naturally UniQue are definitely Loc Rockers! Just like Charles Dixon who drove from Parsons, Kansas to Oklahoma City so he could have his Brotherlocks retightened & combined. Charles was gracious enough to allow me an interview with him about his Brotherlocks journey.

1. So how long have you had your Brotherlocks?

ans: 5 years


2. Why did you choose Brotherlocks?

ans: I didn’t want to use gel or wax to start my locs.


3. What products do you use to maintain your Brotherlocks?

ans: Sisterlocks Shampoo and Conditioner


4. What do you like the most about your Brotherlocks?

ans: I like being able to style them in a variety of styles.


5. Why did you decide to combine your Brotherlocks to make them bigger?

ans: I wanted a thicker look to them.


6. Do you plan to grow your Brotherlocks long?

ans: Yes, I will grow them out until they reach my chest.


7. Have you had a weird or crazy experience about your Brotherlocks?

ans: Not yet


8. What questions do total strangers ask you?

ans: How long did it take to grow them out?


9. How did you find out about Naturally UniQue and why did you choose Nycole to combine, maintain, and retighten your Brotherlocks?

ans: I went to the Official Sisterlocks Page and found out about Nycole. She seemed like a good consultant to try out.

10. What would you tell others interested in Brotherlocks?

ans: I would tell people to give them a try and don’t get upset through the beginning phases because they will get longer!



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