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Family First @ Naturally UniQue


I just want to say that I have an awesome clientele which many of my clients I consider 

friends. As most salon owners and stylists know that you will come across a difficult client once 

in awhile.  Naturally UniQue has been blessed with understanding and considerate clients.

First Im human and get sick just like anyone else and majority of the time I will still come in

unless its the flu.  In 2013 I have had a surgery that went  wrong and I was hospitalized for two months

and 99% of my clients waited until I got better.   Just this past April I was in a car accident where my vehicle was totaled.  I was hospitalized for a day and rested at home.  My clients were supportive and understanding.

If I have clients I make sure I’m there.  Yes, sometimes I might run behind but I do not over book. 

With that being said I have a family and my family comes first.  For those “me, me, me” clients please don’t contact me if you are not considerate of my family as I’m always considerate of my clients families.  I have no problem if a client can’t come in due to family illness or other situations.  I ask that you give me the same consideration.

I’m not going to go into the situation that sparked this post because there is no reason to.    I will just say this if my son is sick and I need to take him to urgent care and you have already been contacted of the situation and you  still demand to be serviced at your  scheduled appointment time I’m definitely not the stylist for you.

I do my best to provide professional service’s to my clients as you can see by the reviews but if you disrespect me or my family you can go kick rocks with no socks!

Nycole Parker


Naturally UniQue Salon








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