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Q: What are Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ ?

A: Sisterlocks™ are small, uniform locks installed using a special tool, parting and pattern system. When properly maintained, the result is a neat, manicured and easily styled mane of locked hair. Sisterlocks™ are uniform locks that allow you to style and manage your hair without relaxers, gels or waxes like those used in traditional hair locking methods. Sisterlocks™ can be styled, curled, wet set, braided, Bantu knotted or styled in a pony tail. Practically any style that you can do with straightened hair can be done with Sisterlocks™—without the damage and breakage. It is a gentle technique that does not damage your hair. They can be installed on Men, Women, and children.

Q: Who is authorized to do Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™? How do I know those people who say they do Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ are legitimate?

A: Sisterlocks™ is a trademark company. This means that no one is authorized to use the Sisterlocks™ name in advertising, or as a service they perform unless they have been trained by the Home Office or by one of our Certified Training Associates in an approved training class. Furthermore, all CTAs and Certified Consultants must maintain good standing with Sisterlocks™, or their names are dropped from our registry. ALWAYS consult with the Home Office or if you are unsure about the status of someone who claims to do Sisterlocks™. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in the hair care industry for people to take a client’s money when they have not been properly trained to deliver the service the clients want.

Q: Do I have to cut my relaxer off in order to get my hair done in Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™?

A: One of the great things about Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ is that you don’t have to cut off your relaxer in order to start them. All you need is 1½ to 2 inches of new growth at the scalp to start the locks. Then you can trim the relaxed ends gradually over time as your natural locks grow in. your transition into fully natural locks.

Q: Can I transition from traditional locks?

A: This is not recommended for many reasons but the main reason is when you start your locks by twisting & palm rolling your locks will have a larger diameter. If you take this palm rolled lock and start using the interlocking method the lock diameter will become smaller. So now you have half fat & half skinny locks all over your head!

Q: Is my hair type right for Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™?

A: Hair type varies greatly, as we all know. The ‘best’ hair for locking is the kind with the smallest, tightest curl pattern. Hair with a smoother, more open wave pattern tends to be more difficult to lock. Don’t panic! There are a variety of Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ techniques designed to cope with difficult-to-lock hair. Many people who could not start locks with any other method have found satisfaction with Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™!

Q: I just had my Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ installed and my scalp itches what can I use?

A: If you’re new to Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ there’s not a whole lot of products you can use yet. The reason is you don’t want your locs to slip (unravel or come undone). It’s recommended that you use only the Sisterlocks™ Starter Shampoo and the locs MUST be bundled prior to shampooing. No conditioners can be used when you’re newly locked. You can you Yummi Loc’s Moisturizing Spritz to stop the itches and help stimulate loc growth. Yummi Loc’s Spritz is a light Spritz that has been proven not to cause slippage.

Q: Are Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ permanent?

A: Because Sisterlocks™/ Brotherlocks™ allows the hair’s natural interlocking process to unfold, they are true “locks.” This means that they are not meant to be undone.

Q: How do you start your client’s Traditional Locks (Dreads)?

A: There are so many ways to start locks so it depends on the individual. Depending on the texture if the hair is more a tighter curl comb coils, twist, and/ or palm rolling will be used. Loose straight hair I would back comb, twist, and palm roll.

Q: What products do you use to start Traditional Locks (Dreads)?

A: I use only natural hair products. No chemicals! For loc maintenance I use Yummi Loc’s Moisturizing Spritz & Yummi Loc’s Conditioning Oil.